Turn-around strategy


The process followed is simple: We define the problem in your business, we then follow a discovery process which is qualitative and quantative, listening to all people relevant to your business.


Once we have concluded that, we analyse the data, and develope a strategy benchmarking  our potential solutions with the best practice locally and internationally. Once you are satisfied we craft an implementation plan.

Enterprise & supplier development


Unlike many management consultants who travel the world with the same teams, we bring onboard local IP and specialist experience to raise the bar in your supply chain.


In South Africa the B-BBEE requirements are key for businesses doing work with government. Our ESD interventions are designed not only to give you maximun points, but to deliver maximun business impact.



At KKS we use legal skills that are specific to your needs. If you are looking to engage in mergers and aquisitions, we have those skills at hand.


Should you need to forensically investigate supply chain practices, we will be able to assist.


If your suppliers need specific legal assistance, we are able to work at a medium and micro level as well.


People alignment strategy


We use EQ software which is totally anonymous and is used by some of the biggest brands internationally to determine employee opinions. We dont leave it there, as face to face confidential sessions are also key.


Once we have gained a good insight into the realistic opinions, we assist you in realigning organisational behaviour.


​Monitoring and evaluation


Monitoring and evaluation is why KKS utilises the best ERP, BPM and CRM software and skills.


We clearly map agreed upon processes, giving us the ability to identify bottle-necks and other challenges, for effective monitoring and evaluation.


The software enables us to do much more, including the  automation of supply chains.

​Branding and marketing



At KKS we are very fortunate to have CEO level skills available in marketing and branding. The work done by our consultants ranges from big South African brands to some of the most iconic brands in the USA and Europe.


Due to the strategic nature of our business, we do not mention any names, but will be happy to give you better insight into our skills, should you show interest in our services.

Our services are tailor made to your needs, and we use consultants with industry specific skills to craft market grabbing, and industry leading strategies.


Below are some of our key services.